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Grand Theft Auto: Tony Prince Spotted In Hollywood

Written By: Elliott Thomas



Entrepreneur, respected businessman, and night club Impresario Tony Prince has been spotted on the streets of Hollywood California! Tony Prince, or "Gay Tony," as he's know to the members of Liberty City's criminal underworld is seen here plastered on the side of the famous Hollywood & Vine Building, just next door to the historic Pantages Theater. Hollywood is the place for a night club legend like Tony Prince. In recent years Hollywood has become the center for all the hottest club action. The neighborhood is teeming with paparazzi, celebrities, and high profile movers and shakers like Mr Prince.


As any paparazzi will tell you, a good celebrity photo can be worth a lot of money. That's why I decided to get a closer look at Mr Prince by sneaking on to the roof of the Pantages Theater. (editors note: kids, please don't try this at home!) I waited until sundown before I slipped into the building. It was no easy task let me tell you. The building is a fortress. Security cameras are everywhere. At one point I passed an angry receptionist who shouted "SIR! SIR! SIR!!!" as I ran down the hall towards the fire escape. Once I found the fire escape I made my way to the roof. Unfortunately it was now too dark to get a decent photo. So while I admired the view of Hollywood at night I resolved to return the next morning to get the shots that I wanted. Even though I knew that returning again could mean facing arrest for trespassing.


I departed the rooftop and I made my way towards the stairs. Unfortunately I could not exit on the main floor and was forced to descend into the basement. The basement of the Pantages theater is a never ending cavern filled with long, red brick hallways. I had no idea where I was going. There were a large number of offices on the basement floor. Lucky for me most of them were closed for the day. Although I did hear someone with a resonant voice speaking behind the closed doors of the rehearsal room. Worried I would be caught I quickly walked away.

I kept searching for an exit in the subterranean labyrinth. Finally I came to a long hallway filled with pipes, it must have gone on forever. I though maybe it lead to the boiler room. As I walked the narrow, intimidating hallway the heat grew and I thought I heard whispers at end of the dark tunnel. I decided to turn around and make a charge for the main elevator. I rand down the hall and found my way to the doors of the elevator. I pressed the button and just as I did, the doors opened and a confused businessman stepped out. I jumped inside the elevator and pressed the button like nothing was wrong. The suspicious man kept looking at me as if I didn't belong. Maybe he saw the camera? Unfortunately for him the door closed before he could say anything. I arrived on the main floor and darted for the streets of Hollywood.


The next day I returned to the Pantages Theater. The street was bustling with tourists. With all the commotion it was surprisingly easy for me to slip inside the building unnoticed. I quickly made my way to the stairs and up onto the roof. There I saw Tony Prince, the target of my efforts. This was a paparazzi dream! A big celebrity, a wealthy entrepreneur, and a night club legend, all within my sights. I took my shots and quickly made my escape. I risked arrest and physical harm by sneaking into the Pantages Theater but it was all worth it.Its all in a days work here in Hollywood.


Special Thanks to the Pantages Theater, Hollywood for not having me arrested.