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Mario Mania from Around the World!

Written By: E. Thomas


#10 - Mario Bros - Atari 2600 TV Commercial

In the days before Nintendo enterted the console market they produced games for a variety of systems. Here is a classic TV spot for Mario Bros on the Atari 2600. In this commercial a frustrated Luigi (yes, that's Luigi) calls out for help from his missing brother.

#9 - Super Mario World TV Commercial

Super Mario World was the pack in game for the SNES when the system launched in North America. Here is a classic TV commercial that promotes the new game. It frequently uses the term "a bit more" in a sly reference to the 16-Bit power of the Super Nintendo Entertainment System.

#8 - Paper Mario TV Commercial - N64

At the dawn of the 3D gaming era Nintendo did something bold and released a 2D version of their legendary mascot. This clever TV spot for Paper Mario shows 2D characters animated in a 3D world, which mirrors the style of the actual game.

#7 - Super Mario RPG Japanese TV Commercial

Super Mario RPG was the first role playing game to feature Mario and the famous cast of characters from the Mushroom Kingdom. It was produced by the RPG wizards at Squaresoft (now a part of Square-Enix.) This amazing Japanese TV commercial features claymation and singing piranha plants!

#6 - Super Mario Advance 4 TV Commercial - GBA

This TV spot for Super Mario Advance 4 asks "who are you?" The answer to that question is Mario! This commercial features beautiful, almost hypnotic music set to dreamlike visuals. This particular spot was shown in both the US and Japan.

#5 - Super Mario Land TV Commercial - Game Boy

This commercial for Super Mario Land uses clips from black and white films along with gameplay to produce a spot that's similar to a classic movie trailer. The black and white movie footage also blends well with with the monochromatic graphics of the original Game Boy.

#4 - Super Mario Bros 3 Animated Japanese TV Spot

Some of the best advertisments in history have come from the nation of Japan. Their unqiue and beautiful culture has produced commercials that are truly a work of art. This animated TV spot for Super Mario Bros 3 features movie quality animation along with an orchestral score.

#3 - Super Mario 64 TV Commercial (1996) - N64

Gamers find themselves transported into the game with Mario in this classic commercial for Super Mario 64. This commercial was created by the Leo Burnett Agency, the legendary ad company responsible for all of Nintendo's great US TV advertising. The TV spot first aired in the fall of 1996. This commercial was part of the "Change the System" advertising campaign that ran through most of 1996 along side the US launch of the Nintendo 64 console.

#2 - Mario Kart 64 Animated Japanese TV Commercial (1996) - N64

Here is a totally intense, action filled Japanese TV spot for Mario Kart 64. This amazing TV commercial features some truly epic animation. It actually makes you wish Nintendo would produce their own anime videos!

#1 - Super Mario Bros 3 TV Commercial

Mario fans of the world unite to make their voices heard. Fans wanted a new Mario game for the NES. This commercial was created to announce the launch of Super Mario Bros 3. It was the most highly aniticpated new game in the history of the Nintendo Entertainment System.

BONUS - The Top 10 Japanese Super Mario TV Commercials

Here is a great collection of Super Mario TV commercials straight from Japan. This collection features some of the most amazing, fun, crazy and unique commercials in video game history. It's Mario Mania Japan style!