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What's New on TV: The New Girl

Written By: Les Talma

September 19th, 2011



Format: 30 min. Comedy

Airdate: FOX at 9pm on Tuesdays

Premieres: Sept. 20

Starring: Zooey Deschanel as Jess

The Premise: Quirky girl moves in with 3 male roommates after finding out that her boyfriend was cheating on her. The males become like big brothers who want to look out for, and protect this very odd individual as she tries to get her life back together.  

The Hook: Hot Geek girl with bizarre habits.

Reaction: Jess is a little bit like the socially awkward Liz Lemon from 30 Rock. But she’s really a lot more like Tessa Violet’s pleasantly geeky “Meekakitty” persona.  She spouts off “Lord of the Rings” references, has a tendency to spontaneously break into song, and has an infectiously joyful enthusiasm that can be a bit bewildering for people bogged down by everyday reality.

The 3 male roommates didn’t really stand out too much in the pilot. They seem pretty much interchangeable with any other late 20-something guy single characters in sitcoms. The character played by Damon Wayans Jr. won’t be in episodes after the first one since he’s going back to the now renewed “Happy Endings” sitcom. He’ll be replaced by another new roommate in episode 2 which will probably add a nice source of jokes for the writers to riff on.

Cool Parts:

-Jess’s obsession with watching the movie “Dirty Dancing”  over and over again whenever she hits rock bottom

-The tendency Jess has to start singing her own theme song much to the surprise and embarrassed awe of her roommates

-The penalty jar for acting like a…jerk.

-Lots of Jess’s friends are models. This blows her roommates minds.

-Naked Trench coat Taxi ride

-The way the provocatively placed ribbon-bow falls when Jess’s plan to surprise her boyfriend doesn’t work out as expected

-Wondering how Jess got this way. So far the show hasn't explained. That's kind of intriguing.


Worth Watching: Yes, if you’re a Zooey Deschanel fan. If not, well it’s still too early to tell from just the pilot. But it’s quite promising. So far the other characters haven’t stood out as much as the “adorkable” Jess. As soon as they hone the quirky aspects of Jess’s roommates, then this show will truly shine. Overall the show has the potential to be something really great. Right now, I’ve only seen the pilot by episode 3 we’ll really get a clear idea of what this show can truly be.  

The Lineup: “New Girl” is going to be after “Glee” and followed by the comedy “Raising Hope” That’s a really good location for it. “Raising Hope” is a great quirky comedy match for “the New Girl” and Glee fans might actually stay on the channel when they get a glimpse of Jess’s shenanigans and her penchant for breaking into song. (Don’t forget, besides being a movie actress, Zooey also has her own band “She & Him”.)

What’s it up against: Uh oh, it’s opposite Sarah Michelle Gellar’s new hour long stolen-identity, suspense-drama “Ringer” on the CW. And, if there’s one thing that can draw attention away from Zooey Deschanel, it’s Sarah Michelle Gellar.

It’s also up against NCIS: Los Angeles, The Biggest Loser, and Dancing with the Stars, all of which probably won’t be much of a distraction for most of those that would find themselves drawn to this show.

The big problem will be “Ringer” and possible declining viewer numbers for “Glee” which hasn’t had the same hold on viewers that it had in its first season.

Bottom line: Check it out, you might really like it. Zooey is awesome, in time the show might be too. Try not to get turned off by the over-the-top publicity campaign; don’t let it make you sick of the show before you even see it.