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Hands On Demo with Nintendo's New Wii U Controller

Written By: E. Thomas (Dr. Gonzo)

Video By: Harald Schossman

June 9th, 2011

Get an up close and personal look at the new Wii U controller, direct from the show floor of the 2011 E3 Expo. In this hands on video demo you will see all the features of the new controller. We also show you a glimpse of the tech demos being used to demonstrate the new hardware.


We were really surprised to learn that the new controller is light and comfortable to hold in your hands. Size and weight were definitely a big concern before the show. But now that we have actually held the controller we can say with confidence that it is very comfortable and ergonomic.


The new hardware has gyroscopic motion control, a touch pad, dual analog controls, an inward facing camera and a 6.3 inch touch screen. (Rumors claim the touch screen resolution is 854 x 480.) There is also a stylus mounted to the back of the controller. The stylus is similar to the one found on the Nintendo DS XL.

The D-pad is very strong. It is nicely raised above the shell of the controller, and judging by the feel, it should work well in "d-pad heavy" games like fight games, etc. The analog controls are similar to the Circle Pad found on the Nintendo 3DS. They are small and quite responsive.


The triggers and the L + R buttons are well positioned on the new controller. They are easy to access and they have just the right amount of depth. The triggers are actually very shallow, and we see that as a plus when you compare them to the triggers found on other systems. The shallow depth of the triggers causes less strain on your hands but it also makes input faster and more precise.

Overall we were very impressed by the Wii U controller. Initially we had some concerns about the size and weight. However once we held the controller in our hands those concerns disappeared. After playing several of the tech demos available at the show we immediately started to picture all the wonderful possibilities for new and unique content. Its the promise of fresh ideas and new types of game play that makes us truly excited about the Wii U controller. Plus the new hardware has a strong pedigree. Nintendo is like no other company on the market. They innovate while others imitate. The drag the industry forward whether it wants to evolve or not. This daring approach to gaming is quite a gamble. However if the success of their past hardware is any indicator of future performance then we're sure the Wii U will be a safe bet.